The Swedes finally came up in 2017 with a follower to their much acclaimed debut "Forbidden World" . "Sinful Birth" is darker, somewhat slower, creeping up on you with slimy tentacles instead of grinding your face on the asphalt. The band on stage is still bulldozing away anything that gets on its path, though. Thrash is not about nuclear pizza or ageing metalheads with fat bank accounts - it's about ripping your heart out in satanic pleasure. Welcome the Antichrist among you, mortals!

Boogie-Rock conceived at the Dutch crossroad where these guys sold their souls in exchange for the power to yield electric guitars and stand fiery whisky. Burn your hands in the flames of rawk, sweating out Motorhead and MC5 in the process and leaving the charred silhouette of the Bluesman with Horns.

The Abyss has many teeth to sever the limbs from your body while you fall into its gaping mouth for what seems to be years. Sometimes slowyl, at an almost groovy pace reminding of past English masters of the Doom arts. Sometimes furiously, like Death itself ripping the spine off your back. Sometimes blacker than madness from a witch's womb. Essenz will be your host in this descent.

Norway's explorer of outer space came back with their fourth report on the horrors beyond our galaxy, "Return to the Void". Let them take you out into deep space on the force of their blend of death, thrash, black and prog and leave you there to dream of R'lyeh while you slowly suffocate.

"Rock". Try it again, hear how it rolls on your tongue... it's so simple and you think you've heard it a thousand times already and yet, you know it, nothing tastes quite like it. Berlin's denim demons are back with their third album "Night Trouble" and they won't surprise you, cause they're not here for that, but instead to deliver an old fashioned, analog kick in the ass.

Fusa, Norway, is a quiet little town among the fjords. It counts at least three cases of death/thrash pestilence spreading among the younger population in the recent years, Reptilian being one of the most vicious. We were able to have this speciment sent over for a closer examination. An Autopsy might prove to be necessary, although the necrotic tissues leave no doubt as to the diabolic origin of the malaise.

Blood on chrome. Wipe it out on your white hi-tops. Get your leather jacket on, it's time to hit the road. Guitars are sharper than razorblades on the radio, airdrumming your way to hell. SPEED IS FASTER THAN DEATH - taste the German steel of the guillotine!